About So-So Good

     Well, the primary purpose of this blog is to let my friends and family (and, uh, whoever else) know what I'm up to, mainly due to the fact that I'm totally crap at keeping in touch via e-mail (lazy). It also serves as a space in which I can indulge in writing, a hobby I have long neglected (LAZY). I want to write about daily life in Tokyo, and about one of my guilty pleasures: fashion.

     Yet another fashion blog! Yeah, I know, I know. But I can't help it. I love to thumb through a ton of style blogs (check my blogroll for my favorites) and they inspired me to create my own. I love the idea of taking outfit of the day (OOTD) pics, firstly to share on this blog, but also to force me to pay a bit more attention to the way I dress and not fall into the "I'll just grab whatever's somewhat clean and semi-ironed" workday mentality. It also gives me the chance to show how I cope with clothing myself in Tokyo, perhaps the most overly done-up fashion-plate city on earth!

     For the OOTD pics, I take all of them myself in my tiny shower room in my tiny apartment or in the bathroom at work (in the rare moments that it's deserted) as those are the only decently-lit places that I have access to. I hope to one day take them outdoors in more interesting locations, but since 90% of Tokyo is a hideous concrete mess you're probably not missing that much! Before I post the pics I clean them up a bit using Seashore (aka free Photoshop for Mac), but nothing major, just slightly adjusting the brightness, saturation, etc.