Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally, A Casual OOTD

     I was going back over my posts today and I realized that I've only put up my work outfits so far... oops! But I guess that makes sense, since I have access to a much bigger and better mirror set-up at work. More importantly, I usually put the most effort into my work outfits since I see the most people there and spend most of my day in the office with my coworkers (sad but true). Plus on my weekends I usually laze about the house (well, studio apartment) in PJs, glasses, and a terry-cloth hair band for at least one day, which leaves me with only one day a week to wear casual clothes.
     But as luck would have it I happened to wear my favorite non-office ensemble recently, so I wanted to share it before I go back to my regularly scheduled programming of pencil skirts and cardigans:

Metallic cowl-neck top (Mango), frilled leather jacket (quoi quoi Japan), jeans/jeggings (Zara), black suede boots (Aerosoles), black turtleneck top (Lowry's Farm Japan), accessories (Tiffany&Co. and mayglobe Japan)
      The Mango top is one of my favorite things ever, it reminds me of chain mail and I feel like a total badass when I wear it. To this day I wish I had bought two of them so I can have a back-up at the ready when my current one craps out. I got it on vacation in Singapore last fall and I was hoping that the one tiny Mango store here in Tokyo would carry it, but no dice. So now I treat it with kid gloves and try not to wear it too often, which is tough since I love it so much. Another favorite of mine is the silver stag-head ring, which I initially dismissed as being too cheap looking and over the top, but after I first saw it in the store I kept thinking about it for a few hours. So I went back to buy it, since I knew that it would gnaw at me until I finally gave in. I'm glad I listened to my gut since it's now my absolute favorite ring...after my engagement ring, of course!


  1. That Mango top is gorgeous! I always find that the items that end up as my favorite pieces are never my favorite when I first buy them. So of course I never think to buy two!

    I love how elegant your weekend outfit is. I usually laze around in sweats and jeans on the weekend too.

  2. Hi girls!
    Cath- Yup, that's totally true. And those favorite items are almost always bought at stores you never have the chance to go back to or those that have limited stock!

    Tereza- Haha this is a total bling outfit, with the accessories plus the shirt...might be tough to see in the pics but the top is mighty shiny.