Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Punxsutawney Phil is Dead to Me

     I'm going to be totally honest here. I HATE summer. I don't even like summer clothes that much. I mean, I do like the soft colors and breezy, gauzy fabrics, but I'm much happier wearing them with a cozy cardigan and jeans in the colder months of the year than I am soaking them with my sweat in the summertime. And as for spring...meh. Again, I like the clothes, and I do enjoy cherry blossom season here in Japan; it truly is a gorgeous time of year here, though every park and viewing spot is crowded with packs of onlookers and drunken salarymen and women boozing it up with their beloved/hated coworkers.
     But the joy of spring is a short-lived euphoria that quickly gives way to the dread of the quickly approaching summer, with all of the humid stickiness and fluffy, frizzy hair that it entails. So while I gnash my teeth and weep in fear I try to comfort myself with thoughts of these lovely spring offerings from our favorite retailers:

     Lovely...I'm crushing hard on that silk peony skirt from Gap. So while I do not appreciate the coming of spring like most people do, I am excited to see what looks will hit the stores in the coming months! And hopefully I'll be able to enjoy at least one more month of true winter, if last night's weather was any indication:
Tokyo's first snow of the season! A tiny dusting that was long gone by morning, but hey, it still counts!


  1. I love modcloth . It's one of my favorite stores :)Lovely choices

  2. i'm not a fan of the stickiness that is summer, but i love fall. the cool breeze and the leaves changing color and the beginning stages of layering. i love it

  3. Dora- Indeed, modcloth is awesome! I never bought a dress from there, though, so I have no idea about the sizing. All the dresses look really short, so I probably won't risk it, though I'm dying for the blue dress on the right.

    Higgenbottom-Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I love autumn too, the weather, the leaves, the food, the fall candles that are available...sigh. Well at least it's still snowing here in Tokyo, but I know spring and summer is creeping up on us...