Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oatmeal: Not Just for Breakfast

     I have been searching FOREVER for an oatmeal colored turtleneck, but I was never able to find one that I truly liked. The color may have been perfect, but the knit was too thick or rough. Or I would find one with a lovely soft and thin texture, but the color was too khaki or dark. I dreamed of a cashmere one, but after seeing the prices, I kissed that idea good-bye.
     Last week, however, I finally found one that was both the perfect shade and the perfect knit, and priced under $40. I got it at Zara, which always has two different racks of turtlenecks/v-necks/cardigans: one super cheap and very basic, the other a bit more elegant and pricy. The turtleneck I bought was from the pricier offerings, but it was worth it. At first I was going to pair it with grey or brown, but I thought maybe it'd be a little too safe and boring, so instead I reached for my favorite skirt, the heavy blush wool one that I got at H&M last year.
Oatmeal turtleneck (Zara), blush wool skirt (H&M), accessories by mayglobe Japan
I really like the shell/nacre buttons on the ribbed cuffs
     I was almost out the door that morning when I remembered that I had recently purchased a set of open-knit tights that were almost the same shade as the turtleneck. I grabbed them and pulled them on over my nude hose, slipped on my patent beige pumps, and I found myself with an outfit that I totally loved. Score!
Tights by Kutsushitaya Japan. I'm wearing some awesome pure silver glitter nail polish from I brand that I can't recall at the moment, and while it took me a bit to get used to the sandpapery texture, I'm loving the look and the lack of chipping. Though I'm not looking forward to trying to remove it next week!


  1. You missy, look so good; I love your skirt.

  2. Thanks, Tereza! This outfit is probably one of my favorites ever. Also helped that for once my ponytail worked out and wasn't sporting wisps of hair everywhere!