Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Twinset Triumph

     You know, as much as I love cardigans, I HATE twinsets. Having two layers of the exact same color and the exact same material just screams frumpy to me, even though I'm sure there are plenty of luxurious, elegant twinsets out there. But in a dazzling display of hypocrisy, one of my favorite outfits ever consists of, you guessed it, a twinset. Well, it's not really a true twinset, since the materials are different (the cardigan of course being a knit and the blouse being a gauzy pin-tucked cotton camisole), but they were purchased at the same store, albeit from separate collections and purchased on separate occasions. And they are the exact same shade of lavender... and since I usually avow that I hate all variants of the color people, I guess it makes me a hypocrite on two fronts! But what I can I say? The heart wants what the heart wants, and the eye likes what the eye likes!

Lavender camisole and open cardigan (Zara), grey pencil skirt (H&M), grey tights (Japan)
Close-up of the detailing on the camisole (necklace and bracelet by mayglobe Japan)
     This camisole is one of my favorite Zara purchases ever. It's long enough that I can also wear it with my skin-tight Zara jeans/jeggings without crossing into Lohan territory and I know with the arrival of spring I'll be wearing it a lot over the next few months. The cardigan was a random sales purchase; I had wanted to get a size small instead of my usual medium because it was open-front and a bit voluminous, but all they had left was one XS and a few larges... luckily the XS fit fine.
     So that's what I wore yesterday, a direct contrast to what I'm now wearing on my day off (PJs for the win, baby). It's finally raining here in Tokyo (I hate sunlight, so I love it when the weather turns dark and  gloomy ), and I'm enjoying my lazy hours blog-hopping, video-gaming, and cooking (a rare activity for me, I assure you!)

Today I made (from scratch!) Avgolemono, an awesome chicken/egg/lemon/dill/rice soup I discovered while living in Greece


  1. You are very grey today, but you look so beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Tereza. Yes, I do love grey haha. In real life the cardi/shirt is much more lavender though. ^_^

  3. i wouldn't call this a twin set...i think it's beautiful (regardless).

  4. Hi two birds, thanks for commenting! Yup it's not a real twinset, but it's reminiscent of one. ^_^