Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lemon Drop

     Despite the fact that Monday was actually on the cool side and was more cloudy than clear, I decided to wear a very "spring" outfit. I wore my lace skirt that, until now, I had only worn with thick, opaque tights. This time I went bare-legged (well, I wore nude hose, but close enough) and donned my rarely-worn lemon yellow cardigan. I quite liked this outfit, and I really liked the fact that my hair decided to have about double its normal volume. Ever since I started blow drying my hair upside down and using an awesome awapuhi volumizing condition my hair has had a lot more lift, but yesterday was insane. A little more height and it would've crossed the border into Texas hair! Probably was a combination of high humidity and the fact that I'm long overdue for a straight perm/cut, but I'm glad it was more voluminous than frizzy.

Crochet lace skirt (pour la frime Japan). frill neck undershirt (F21), yellow cardi (Japan). accessories (mayglobe Japan)
     Today I  was at home all day, which was lucky for me because we had one hell of a downpour in the middle of the afternoon. Super dark clouds, thunder, pounding rain, the whole deal. Pretty rare for Tokyo; I felt as if I was back in Singapore for a few hours! Of course that means that tomorrow might be muggy, sunny, and hot... I do hope I'm wrong!


  1. Your skirt is so cute, you are a true lady!

  2. I really like your skirt! The lemon yellow cardi truly makes this look like spring.

  3. Thanks very much, Kimmie! Yup, yellow just screams "spring," for whatever reason.