Tuesday, June 28, 2011

French and Italian

     This past weekend I was feeling super lazy at work, a state which I like to blame on the newly arrived scorching summer heat... though in all honesty it wasn't even that hot until today. I couldn't be bothered with shaving my legs or struggling into hosiery, so pants it was; I wore jeans to the office and then swapped them for a old pair of black Zara pants. It was only after doing so did I realize that I looked suspiciously similar to a French maid:

Scalloped-hem tunic (Topshop), white cardigan (H&M), black pants (Zara)
Just imagine a feather duster in my left hand.
     Not that I didn't like the outfit, though. It was easy, comfortable, yet not frumpy. The Topshop tunic is pretty awesome, though I wish the scalloped hem and ruffle didn't curl up so much. Still, all in all, I'm pretty pleased with the outfit. Looking at it now, though, when it's 35 degrees, I can't imagine I'll be wearing it anytime soon (Sunday was so random, it was like under 25 degrees). Now all I can think about is wearing the least amount of clothing possible, sitting with a fan trained on my face, and eating endless cups of Grom gelato.

     It's apparently some famous Italian chain that has locations in select overseas cities including Tokyo. It's been here for awhile now, also busy but never super crowded, and we've been meaning to try it forever. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity, and it was AMAZING. I had peach/melon combo, and next time I'm going for the lemon/apricot. They also have heavier flavors like hazelnut, pistachio (my fiancee's favorite), and even straticella. It's all organic and very authentic, tasting just like the Italian gelato I've had in Greece and Germany. I kinda wonder what the Japanese think about the very European flavors, though. Rather refreshingly, the shop doesn't pander to local tastes; no green tea or red bean flavors to be found. I suspect it would be even more crowded if it was a bit more localized (and/or a bit cheaper), so I'm glad the place is sticking to its roots. Just wish they had the banana and green apple flavors that I remember from my German summers... drool.


  1. You look great today! I didn't see this outfit as French maid, though. I have a top with a hem that likes to roll up, so I understand your frustration. The gelato looks sol delicious! I would eat any flavor if it's successful in keeping me cool this summer. Let us know how the lemon/apricot tastes next time you go!

  2. Thanks, Kimmie! Yeah maybe I saw the resemblance due to the fact that here in Tokyo French maid cosplay is everywhere, on the street, in adverts, etc. And the gelato was heavenly!

  3. You look sooooooo cute!
    Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3