Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prim and Proper

     While unearthing my summer clothes last week, I stumbled across what is perhaps the oldest piece of clothing I own, and if I remember correctly, the very first piece of H&M clothing that I bought.
     I bought it in Frankfurt when my father and I went to Germany to visit family, while I was still in college, if not before. By my estimate, the shirt is at least 7 years old, if not closer to 10. And still in great condition. It's a sheer pink blouse with red polka dots, a button-up front, and with both a frill and a ribbon that you can tie in a big bow at the collar. Paired with a pale pink cardigan and a grey pencil skirt, it's a little bit Peggy Olson, but hopefully more flirty than frumpy!

Tie-front blouse and grey pencil skirt (H&M), cardigan (Japan), pearl bracelet (anemone Japan)

     I've found that most H&M stuff usually lasts a long time, even though the quality is not super amazing. Especially compared to F21, or even Zara. If I need to buy something that I plan to wear on a regular basis, such as a basic cardigan or pencil skirt for work, H&M is always my first stop!


  1. Beautiful blouse! I like how it takes center stage with the skirt cardigan to help it stand out. Finding older clothes almost forgotten is like going shopping for free!

  2. Thanks, Kimmie! Yeah this outfit just seemed to work just right, with the most focus on the big bow! I do love finding oldies but goodies in my closet, as I'm sure we all do!

  3. Whoooooooooa super adorable blouse on H&M
    I bet that H&M always give the stunning collection
    It's really suits on you, especially the color :)
    I really love it, dear.

    *hug* from your new follower

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥
    Pinkie Anggia ☺

  4. Thanks very much, sugarpuff, and thanks for following!

  5. Oh girl I think you look really gorgeous - I don't have much from H&M so not too sure on the quality but it always seems like it would last a while

  6. Thanks, Jamie-Lee! Some of my H&M stuff is purely disposable, like undershirts or cheap cardis that I toss after a year or two, but some of the pieces seem to last forever!

  7. So awesome that you found ur first H&M purchase! It still looks great! I don't think I can recall my first H&M piece, but I remember how excited I was when the store landed in the US:) -A

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  8. Thanks, A. Haha yeah I remember when it first opened in Tokyo, I was so thrilled! But it took quite a few months before the crowds died down enough to check it out!