Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slate and Cinnabar

     I decided to give the ol' blog a fresh face this morning, partially because I wanted it to have a cleaner more monochromatic look, and partially because I need something low-key to do while I installed game data, save files, and old PSN downloads on our new baby. Yes, that's right, after a year or two of good service, we've finally decided to retire our fat white Playstation3, mainly because it's 40 GB HD wasn't cutting it anymore. Now we have one that's 320 GB (and the smallest HD Sony currently makes is 120 GB, so you can imagine how puny 40 GB is!), and it's about half the size of our old one. We ALMOST splashed out an extra $50 for the Japan-only Silver Satin edition, but our sense prevailed. And the charcoal black is pretty fine with its matte casing and glossy black trim, so we're definitely in nerd heaven over here.

Basically, this is our child. No, seriously. We love and coddle our PS3 (and our MacBook Pro) the way most people fuss over babies and adorable pets.

     Okay, enough with geekdom. Now to the clothes! Today was yet another dreary rainy season day here in Tokyo, but while other folks find it depressing, I just love the cloudiness and the fact that at least the rain and gloom keeps the scorching summer temperatures at bay, for another few weeks at least. And as I've been on a streak of bold and brights (check out the previous two posts) I decided to continue the trend today with a super-bright vermilion cardigan:

Vermilion cardigan (gaminerie Japan), white frill top and grey pencil skirt (H&M)

A better look at the undershirt
     The H&M white undershirt is a pleasant surprise. It was super cheap but the sheer pleated frill is quite high quality and the shirt is sleek and fitted, perfect for an undershirt. Too bad the white was the only useful color they had; I wasn't too keen on the sallow yellow and sickly pink versions. The navy one might be one to consider, though. The sweater is one I had for ages, but usually don't wear since it's really a fall color but it's very sheer and too light for the season. So today's warm but dark weather was a perfect chance to wear it at least once this year!


  1. I love the little ruffle on the white top.It's so cute.And congrats on your new "baby" :D

  2. Oh I love the vermilion with the gray! You look gorgeous (as always ;)). And I'm so impressed with that H&M undershirt too- it looks much more expensive quality-wise than the usual H&M ware.

  3. Thanks, ladies! And yup, Lar's right, the H&M shirt is definitely not the standard decent yet still on the cheap side quality. The ruffle is neatly, evenly pleated and isn't limp and lifeless. I highly recommend it!