Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Whites

     I love to wear white; it's effortlessly chic, simple yet elegant. And in summer it has the bonus effect of being cooling, or at least more cooling than other, darker colors. I don't know if it's really due to the fact that white reflects sunlight or simply because white just looks less sweltering than darker colors, but whatever the reason, I find myself reaching for white more and more in the summer months.
     Recently I bought an amazing smocked eyelet top from F21, I highly recommend it... though I can't seem to find them on the US site. It's super flattering, with the smocked waistline actually being in line with the natural waist, not high up under the breast or too low on the torso, and the quality is very good (which is probably why it was close to $25, not quite the usual F21 price point). Paired with an old sheer H&M open cardigan, my usual Zara jeans, metallic Old Navy sandals and my new silver double-chain necklace (and yes, I previously wore the gold version), it made for the perfect early-summer-in-the-city outfit.

Bauble rings and necklace by mayglobe japan


  1. This is a lovely look! The sheer cardigan is a perfect topper for the blouse. Is the blouse short-sleeved or sleeveless? I really like the color white, too, but I just don't feel comfortable wearing it. I don't have trouble with tops or certain dresses, but I can't wear them on my lower half. I feel exposed, which I know is only in my head.

  2. Hi Kimmie! The top actually has short, somewhat puffed sleeves, though the sleeve outline under my sweater is probably due to the white undershirt I wore under the top. I love white tops and sweaters, but I'm with you in the bottoms, it's too nerve-wracking for me, especially in my job, which involves a lot of ink and dry erase markers.