Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tue-Date (aka meet Mr. So-So Good)

     Since Tuesday is our "Saturday," we usually go out for "dates" then, which suits us just fine since actual Saturday nights in Tokyo are nightmarish; every downtown street, cinema, and restaurant are overflowing with partying weekend warriors, shrieking kids and their oblivious parents, gangs of high school kids... shudder.
     So Yesterday we ventured down to Omotesando, one of the nicer parts of this concrete jungle, and had a nice, leisurely afternoon marked by the triumvirate of our favorite treats: good-quality coffee (sometimes at Starbucks, but yesterday we went to the Canadian chain Blenz, which is amazing), soup curry for dinner, and then gelato at Grom for a decadent desert. Omotesando/Harajuku is super-convenient for us since it actually has all of these things, as well as tree-lined streets, and interesting shops, and, most importantly, it's located just over 15 minutes (well, 30 if we count the 15-minute walk to the relevant subway station) by train. So we went and had a grand old time, despite the super-high temps, smothering humidity, and the throngs of people who happened to be on O-bon/summer hols this week.

Goofing off while waiting for the train. I look a touch demonic here,  awesome.
I will never, ever get tired of soup curry. Also, this top is one of the oldest ones I own... I think it's going on 6 years, got it when I first moved to London for grad school. Ah, Oxford Street Topshop, that place was heaven.
Grom! Mine is the girly-looking cup bursting with peach, melon, and fig gelato. 
Haha he HATES getting his photo taken. But he's a good sport, for me at least. One of the many reasons why I love him.


  1. It sounds like you had a great time on your date night! That gelato looks yummy and I would love to try soup curry some day. When are you moving?

  2. Hi Kimmie. If you're ever in Japan, soup curry is a definite must. Though I assume you can get it in some places in North Am too. Hopefully we can find it in Toronto, or at the very least make it from scratch ourselves. We're not sure when we're leaving Japan, but prob sometime this autumn/winter. Can't wait!