Friday, February 18, 2011

Methinks I own too much Pink

     Pink and black... in theory I'm not a big fan of that particular color combination. It's not a vehement opinion, but I generally avoid the look. One reason is that it reminds me of the interior a cheap lingerie store (well, any lingerie store, actually), another is that it has a slight 80s/90s vibe, as if I'm somehow sartorially channelling a tube of Great Lash mascara. But sometimes I think, what the hell, let's shake things up. So over the past two days I wore pink and black not once, but twice. Yup, two consecutive days of the same color combination. I aimed to make the overall looks quite different... I hope I succeeded!
Black and white tweed skirt (F21), rose corsage scoop-neck sweater (J. Crew), frilled leather jacket (quoi quoi Japan), black and silver metallic knit cap (Gap), black suede boots (Aerosoles)
Blush accordion pleat dress (H&M), black turtleneck top (Lowry's Farm Japan), black suede boots (Aerosoles)
     Ah, that H&M dress...remember when it hit the fashion blogosphere last year? I first saw it on Kim (then on Tara, and most recently Tien), and I immediatly knew that I NEEDED that dress. Luckily, one of the three H&M branches I scoured had one left in my size (I had found another one in the correct size at another branch and was this close to buying it when I noticed a huge greasy smear of foundation on the collar...gross). It looks way more elegant and expensive then the usual H&M fare, and I actually love the fact that it's polyester because it doesn't wrinkle one bit, even after a furious high-speed ride in my crappy low-end washing machine. I know that it also came in grey, which I have never seen here in the Tokyo stores, but I still have hope that I'll chance upon it some day...


  1. The dress is BEAUTIFUL. You look really good.

  2. Loooving these outfits! So cute!

    KF x

  3. Both of these outfits are gorgeous! I especially love the second one. I never would have thought to pair a dress like that with a turtleneck. Super cute!

    -Gayle (Pen&Ink blog)

  4. Thanks for commenting, everyone! Yeah, for some reason I immediately paired the H&M dress with a turtleneck...actually I have never worn it on its own or with a cardigan. Come spring I will definitely try out some new ways to wear it!