Friday, February 4, 2011

Wardrobe Workhorses: Basic Black

     Before I started working, I had never really worn black. Sure, I had a few articles of black clothes...maybe one or two pairs of Zara pants that were originally worn as part of my high-school choir uniform and a t-shirt or two. But I always thought the color didn't suit me; my skin was too light, my hair was too reddish, my dark under eye circles (mostly due to genetics, unfortunately) would be made more obvious, etc. But recently I've come to embrace black. It's effortlessly chic and elegant-especially when paired with shades of grey or camel-it IS slimming, and it doesn't show stains! Plus it helps that my fiancee always tells me he loves it when I wear black, so that's a major confidence boost.
     Now of course they are black statement pieces like fabulous brocade coats or trendy leather pencil skirts. But I think that for most us black usually plays a supporting role, especially in winter. When temperatures dip and clouds roll in I like to wear an all black base under an eye-catching cardigan. I don't wear this combo often because it is a bit lazy and can easily become repetitive, especially since my go-to wool black skirt doesn't require ironing between wears. But when I'm running around on a work day and am just in the office for a few hours, this easy option can be a lifesaver. For example:
Black pleated wool skirt (Limone, Japan), black flat suede boots (Aerosoles), bird-print cardigan (H&M, recent), abstract-print cardigan (J. Crew), thin black turtleneck top (Lowry's Farm, Japan)
 I'm so glad I've come to appreciate black! If I hadn't, I'd definitely be missing out.

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