Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And a gown of white lace...

     Well, no fresh outfit of the day recently, since aside from an evening hanging out at a friend's place, I've spent the days since the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear worries began nestled in my apartment, clad in my pajamas, reading chick lit (what?? it's my guilty pleasure), and playing video games (okay, maybe I have more than one guilty pleasure).
     Things in Tokyo and at work are not quite back to normal, everything and anything seems to be operating on a limited scale (though getting significantly better each day). We haven't really left our immediate neighborhood at all, but tomorrow if things keep improving we will prob run some important errands and eat out for lunch (soup curry yet again haha, hopefully this time WITHOUT the earthquake). And then on Thursday it's back to work and wearing my photo-worthy clothes, so OOTD will resume this week for sure. Amazingly, some things are still reliable as ever here in Tokyo, such as the delivery/postal services. I had ordered the amazing Golden Bubbles pencil skirt from J.Crew (can't believe it was only like $50... the original price was practically three times that!) a week or so ago, and it arrived promptly on time this morning. Though the delivery guy scared the beejesus out of us when he thundered up the stairwell at like 9am and pounded on our door without calling out that he was making a delivery (which is standard practice in Japan).  I LOVE it, but was surprised to find that waist on the 6 was a tiny bit big on me, so I guess this means that J. Crew skirts run big? I had expected a snugger fit, but nope. Which is fine by me, since I plan to tuck a turtleneck in and the rest of the skirt is rather form fitting, so it's a good balance.
     This hermetic life has also led me to browse all of our favorite on-line retailers...just looking, I promise! No buying. So many lovely things out there though...sigh.
J. Crew's Lady Lace popover and Beaumont Blazer
     Lace, lace, everywhere, and I'm certainly not complaining. This trend has been around since last fall and is still going strong, albeit in a gauzier spring-friendly form. I'm loving that lace popover top, and the blazer really is quite lovely (though the pictures are horrid, the back shot was the only decent one), especially the scalloped hem. I wish the waist was a bit more fitted (though I think it's unbuttoned in the pic, which might be the problem) and that the body and sleeves were a touch longer.
Anthro Back Porch and Wispy Cirrus blouses
     Anthro is also offering up some lace lovelies... the Back Porch top looks awesome, very slimming and streamlined with the hidden snap placket. I wish the sleeves were either puffed and short or sleek and long, though. I really hate 3/4 arms, I know everyone else digs them, but not me. So same goes for the gorgeous Wispy Cirrus blouse (how perfect is that shade of blue?), looks like both the arms and the hem would be too short for me. Maybe it's a good thing, though, or else I may have been tempted to actually buy them! If I DID fall off the wagon and pull the trigger, however, it would've been on this beauty from Modcloth...
ModCloth Blooms in the Sky cardigan
If and when it goes on sale, I'll be there, chomping at the retail bit. You betcha.
     And if anyone knows what song the title of this post is lifted from, gold star! Hint: it was sung by both Donovan and Joan Baez way back in the 60s.


  1. These are so beautiful; lovely selection.

  2. Thanks, Tereza! Only after I looked at all the pics did I realize every item was made with lace!