Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fantastic Francois

     Finally ventured outside today! Everything seemed to be business as usual for Tokyo, just a bit less crowded on the streets and in the shops (nice!) and unnecessary lights were turned off, such as in overland trains and in department store display cases, etc. The wind was CRAZY today, though, over 30 km/hour. Yuck. The minute we got home we took showers (anti-radiation measure, just in case, though Tokyo is still fine on that count, the main reason was that the wind was whipping dust around like mad) and are happily hunkered down on our bed-slash-couch sipping tea (chai for him, Irish breakfast for me) and playing video games.
     Actually got a lot done today, finished all of our important errands, had a delicious lunch, got some neccessities from the drug store and a few fruit tarts from Francois Payard at the department store. Seriously their lemon tart is AMAZING, and we got their strawberry/pistachio tart to try for the first time today. I also saw online that they make a peach tart, but unfort didn't spy that at the Tokyo location. Oddly enough, the Pierre Herme counter at Seibu Ikebukuro was completely packed up, with a vague sign that they were closed, no hint that they were reopening anytime soon. Don't know if it's earthquake related or if PH Japan was just reducing their locations, since the Buk counter was never busy at all... but still, a bit weird.
Francois Payard Lemon Tart (image from, but we of course bought the individual-sized one, unfort minus the fruit toppings!

    Tomorrow it's back to work, but only for 80 minutes! Most of my shift falls outside our new limited emergency work hours, which sounds good, but I don't get fully paid, which sucks. I mean, I guess it's fair, but it still sucks. Should only be for a handful of days, though, so whatevs.
Well, at least I'll feel normal again, in my pencil skirt and cardigan!


  1. I wish you a easy day at work tomorrow :)
    That cake looks so delicious.

  2. That cake... scrumptious! And I don't think a girl can ever really go wrong with a pencil skirt and cardi, do you? =)
    Kristina J.

  3. Hey gals, thanks for commenting! And that cake is indeed to die for. If you're ever in Tokyo or NYC, please do visit Payard!