Friday, March 4, 2011

Scallops and Shimmer Obscura

     So the title of this post may be misleading- by scallops I mean the scalloped hem of the skirt I wore today, not the succulent seafood that many (not including me) enjoy. I may hate the edible version, but scalloped details on clothing? LOVE. It has been a popular clothing trend recently, much to my delight. Unfortunately the trend hasn't really carried over to Japan, which is about a year or two behind clothing trends in the States. Don't get me wrong, a lot of local trends are adorable (though an equal number are horrifying), but if I see something I like that's popular back home (scalloped hems, high-waisted yet sleek pants, anything rust colored), I have to be prepared to wait a while before I get my hands on it.
      But this spring the scalloped wave has finally broken on the Japanese shore. It's not a major trend (or  "boom" as per Japanese English slang) just yet, but it's getting there. I found this adorable little crochet skirt with a scalloped (well, okay, scallop-esque) hem. I also spied an awesome dress with a great scallop detail on the bust (sounds weird, but if I eventually pull the trigger on it, you'll see what I mean) but I didn't have the patience to wrestle my way into a dress (why oh why couldn't they extend the zipper more so that I could just step into it as opposed to yanking it over my head???) on my lunch hour. Maybe next week...
Frilled leather jacket (quoi quoi Japan), lace scalloped-hem skirt (pour la frime Japan), brown turtleneck (United Colors of Benetton), necklace (Anthro), heather brown tights (Japan)

     I also finally had the chance to break out the Shimmer Obscura necklace I got from Anthro a few months ago. I love it; the stones are gorgeous and not as heavy as they fact, I would even call the necklace rather light. Though I wish the ties were made of silk or grosgrain or anything but the cheap springy panyhose-like fabric. But with most of it covered by my turtleneck, it doesn't bother me too much. Maybe not quite worth the nearly $50 price tag, but I felt chic and polished wearing it, so I'm happy to have it. Would also work quite well with a soft grey time!


  1. Oh my, that skirt. That skirt is amazing.

  2. Thanks Tereza! Yes I love that skirt, and it was super cheap. Unfort because it's so short I have to wear it lower on my hips, which is not the most flattering (it makes me look super wide) but I don't care, I still love it.