Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pretty in Pants

     Sorry for the radio silence of late. Caught a nasty cold and took a few days off work, which meant I spent almost 72 hours straight in my pajamas curled up in bed with my Playstation controller. Now, I do love my PJs, but I'm not quite ready to share them with the world, hence the absence of recent outfit posts.
     The cold is mostly vanquished now (though it seems to be segueing into hay fever, which I myself have never really had before...oh joy!), and though I wasn't quite feeling my best or most photogenic on Monday, I did like my outfit quite a bit so I decided to capture it for an OOTD post. It's not particularly eye-catching and the colors are rather muted; the whole outfit consists of cream, khaki, and oatmeal, which perfectly projected my inner blah mood. I don't wear pants to work very often except when I'm feeling super lazy or it's that time of the month. My fiancee is always very happy when I do so, because he loves me in pants. He loves my skirts too (at least he'd better), but he is a, ahem, butt man, so occasionally I indulge him.
Khaki pants (Zara), stretch lace top (F21), flower applique cardigan (anatelier Japan)

     These particular pair of pants are from Zara and I love them. I bought them over three years ago before I started working. They're super soft and thick and the slightly glossy material reminded me of breeches or jodphurs, which I thought set them apart from the usual yawn-inducing khaki pants. A handful of years and numerous washes later, they've held up pretty well, though they are a little faded and dulled and a tad too loose now. The flowered cardigan and lace top I've worn before on this blog, but never with pants, and I'm pretty happy with the way the look turned out.
     And as you can see from the way I trussed up half of my unruly hair (you don't want to know how many bobby pins are squirreled away in there) I haven't yet made it to the salon (damn you cold!) but I scheduled my appointment for next week so it's just a matter of days until I feel like my usual fly self (yup as I've mentioned before, I'm a tad vain. Just a tad. I hope.)


  1. I hope you feel better now, and that the cold will leave you alone.And you really do look good in pants :)
    ♡ TEEZY ♡

  2. Really cute outfit.I'm glad you're feeling better:)xoxo


  3. Thanks ladies, I'm feeling much better! As always I love reading your lovely comments.