Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's "work" again?

     Thwarted again! I was supposed to work for the first time at my office on Thursday evening. Got into work early to hang out with my friends, and while a lot of lights were switched off to save energy and in the staff room the NHK radio news was on in the background, it seemed like business as usual. Which it was for most of Shinjuku, but because people were getting back into the swing of things and abusing their heaters (Thursday was bitterly cold), the govt/electric company warned us wasteful creatures that we were approaching our set limit of energy consumption, and if we didn't stop, they would carry out an unplanned blackout. Whoops! So naturally work for most people ended early, so I didn't even get changed out of my jeans and into my work clothes, which was fine because that meant I was properly dressed to join the mass of people leaving Shinjuku (though we went by foot, definitely wanted to avoid the packed trains...everyone in downtown Tokyo finishing work at the exact same time=commuting nightmare). My fiancee and I, hands full of weekend groceries that we had picked up, walked about 40 minutes to our friend's house, dropped off the supplies, then had an awesome and cheap dinner with our best buds at a busy Chinese restaurant nearby. The blackout? Never happened (well, naturally, since the threat of it resulted in a massive drop of power usage). Work for this weekend? Cancelled again! So, until Thursday for me, it's playing video games and watching movies at home, though I'm sure we'll be going out for errands/eating out with friends by Tuesday.
     Things in Tokyo are getting even more back to normal this weekend, much to the relief of all of our bodies; a week of accumulated stress from uncertain news, uncertain schedules, and the panic of well-intended but misinformed overseas relatives has left us feeling rather put out. Found a great video on YouTube (posted yesterday), showing that life in Tokyo is just as it always was. I also like the video because it's an accurate portrayal of daily life in Japan, as opposed to the crazy/weird/pervy stuff that is showcased in the Western media:
     That does, however, mean that I have no new outfit pics, though I will try to take a casual OOTD pic when I go out early this week. But I will share some awesome finds that I scored at F21 and H&M in Tokyo:
Beige pencil skirt (H&M), Crochet Lace skirt (F21), white dress (H&M)
     Now, if only work would start up again (wow never thought I'd ever utter those words) so I could wear these beauties!

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