Friday, April 29, 2011

Best laid plans...well, you know

     Sorry for the lack of outfit posts recently... for the past few days I've pretty much been wearing outfit repeats, saving my new or new-to-this-blog duds for this weekend. Unfortunately the outfits I had planned on have to go out the window, since, to use my favorite euphemism, I'm surfin' the crimson wave, a few days ahead of schedule. I HATE it when that happens. I had the outfits all planned out, the tight pencil skirts crisply ironed, and the requisite thongs at the ready. But now I have to wait another week to wear them and instead I have to wear something much less interesting. I'm hoping that by Monday I'll be able to wear something blog-worthy, so please hang tight! It'll mark the debut of Topshop on this blog, and trust me, it's worth it.
     In the meantime, here's my outfit from a couple days ago. Nothing really new to see (I've worn all pieces before) but I did like the way it turned out. I won't be wearing it again though because the slippery fabric of the top and the equally slippery fabric of the skirt did NOT get along; the shirt kept untucking itself and the skirt keep slipping around my waist, so while the outfit looks decent when I'm standing still it's not really practical to wear all day at work. Lesson learned!

Scalloped-bib top and chiffon-front cardigan (H&M), scalloped-hem skirt (F21)
     Oh, beige. Won't be wearing you for at least a few days...sigh.

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