Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Farewell to Chunky Knits

     I can no longer deny it, cool weather is officially over here in Tokyo. It's actually warmer than usual for May, which does not bode well for summer... so this week we have been washing and folding away some of our heavier clothing, though of course we'll have to keep some warmer clothes on hand until the June for the random cold days that pepper a Tokyo spring.
     One of those freak days occurred this past weekend; it wasn't even overcast, but it was definitely not spring weather. Not cold enough to wear a coat, but I wore a turtleneck undershirt and a thick, oversized sweater and I didn't sweat a drop. The next day it was much warmer and if I had worn that outfit I would've fainted from heatstroke the moment I stepped out the door. I have a feeling I won't be able to wear such a heavy sweater again, at least not until winter!
     So, adieu, chunky knits! You have served me well.
Blush/white oversized sweater (H&M),  grey turtleneck undershirt (Lowry's Farm Japan), khaki pants (Zara

I love the design on the chest/shoulders; it's actually angora wool (unlike the rest of the sweater)

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