Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One is the loneliest zip-up

      I suppose, in terms of this blog, my Monday outfit was rather boring; I wore my beloved Gap tweed skirt (already featured twice in my OOTDs) and as an undershirt I wore my go-to F21 shirt with the frilled scoop neckline, which by now I've photographed countless times. But at least the cardigan was something new!
Grey zip cardigan and white undershirt (F21), tweed skirt (Gap), grey tights (Japan)
Close-up of the cardi's neckline and my over-worn frilled undershirt
     This cardigan is actually the only zip-up that I own. In my experience such sweaters always bulge and bunch unflatteringly along the zip line, especially if the garment is on the cheaper side and/or doesn't feature a second zipper at the hem which you can unzip a little to tame the crinkles. Being from F21, you can guess that this cardigan definitely has its issues. I took one look at it in the store and thought, yup, I know what you're gonna do to my silhouette, and I don't like it one bit. But I was still intrigued by it; it was nice and long, the material was soft and a lovely shade of grey, and the deep scoop neck trimmed with a subtle border seam was very flattering. And at $15 I could deal with a little bunching up. And when I wear it to work I always tuck it into my skirt so it's not such a big deal anyways.
     And on an unrelated note, I've been drooling over Modcloth's new breezy spring offerings, especially the ombre effect tights:
     Those tights and the tiered dress would make such a nice semi-formal outfit... throw on some shiny heels and some bling and you'd be all set. Of course the dress looks way too short to make such an outfit actually feasible, but hey, it's still a nice idea in theory!

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