Friday, April 8, 2011

Would you like a bib for those scallops?

     The obsession with scalloped detailing continues! Next up, this downright awesome top from H&M:
Ignore the hanging camera strap!
     I first spotted this sweet little camisole about 2 months ago, and I loved it right away. But it looked a little cheap on the hanger, and the fabric is very thin and flimsy, and they only had a size 32 (H&M's smallest size, so yeah, way too small) and some 42s (too big). Not to mention that it was about $30, which is a little crazy for a scrap of fabric from H&M. But during the following weeks I kept thinking about it and how I could wear it under so many cardigans, so I went to a different branch to check it out again. This time they had one in a 36, and since it was cut very wide and boxy, I figured that would be fine instead of my usual 38. I also noticed that the scalloped ruffles were laser-cut and would not fray at the edges, which had been another worry. So after a few moments of deliberating I decided to go for it, and trust me, I'm really happy I did. Including this outfit, I've worn it 3 times so far, and I've been complimented on it each time.
Ruffled bib camisole, grey cardigan, blush tulip skirt (all H&M!)
     This particular outfit is my favorite thus far, though; I love the ballet color-palate (which inexplicably reminds me of neapolitan ice cream, even though the brown is replaced with grey) and the softness of the cardigan and the skirt against the stark white of the blouse. The ruffled bib falls very nicely, reaching the navel for a more streamlined look instead of the outward poof that a shorter bib length would result in. The only downside of the top is that it is very short and I don't think I'll be wearing it without a pencil skirt to hide the short hem, so wearing it with jeans on my day off is pretty much a no-go. But as far as office wear goes, this is definitely one of my favorite layering pieces. If only they made it in black as well...


  1. Love this, Love the shirt especially:)

  2. Thanks a bunch! Yeah the shirt is great, I kinda wish I bought a second to have as a back-up in case I rip it or something!