Monday, April 11, 2011

Swinging from the chandelier

     This past weekend, the weather took a turn for the gross, with warm temperatures, rain, and sticky humidity (80%). Which is quite uncommon for this time of year, when it's supposed to be a bit cool, sunny, and dry. Instead it feels like late June, which is worrying since that usually heralds the start of the Tokyo summer season... and Tokyo summer is TERRIBLE. I'm praying that the temperature takes a dive over the next few weeks, but as far as I (and Internet weather forecasts) can see, it's going to be warm and at least a bit sticky for the foreseeable future. The weather is especially annoying today; partly cloudy, a low chance of rain-but not low enough for me to totally discount it. I had planned to wear my new H&M suede dress, but the chance of rain is worrying, especially since I plan to walk home after work to admire the cherry blossom tress. I may chance it anyways, and bring a pair of jeans and a cardigan to change into just in case it rains later tonight.
     Despite the less than comfortable weather, I did manage to wear one of my favorite outfits this past weekend. I've worn the turtleneck/cardigan combo before, but I don't think I've ever shown this skirt on the blog. It's one of my absolute favorites: it was super cheap ($20 on sale) and I found it by chance in a random shop that I never usually visit (read: most of the clothes are fugly), it doesn't wrinkle, and I can wear it all year round.
Cream ribbed turtleneck (Lowry's Farm Japan), white puff sleeved cardigan (F21), abstract print skirt (Japan)
     It's the only piece of red/maroon clothing that I own, and I love the abstract print. I call patterns like this chandelier prints, but I have no idea what the proper term is. I've recently been trying to find more clothes with a similar print, but the style is not so popular here in Tokyo, except on stationary or for home decor. But spring has come to most store displays, and there are a lot of beauties out there, so I'm sure I'll find some consolation!


  1. thanks for visiting my blog! I know what you mean about size 11 shoes----they are very hard to find! luckily, i fit into a 10 in most brands, but some 10's are tight!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Veronika! I used to be able to squeeze into some size 10 sandals, but lately even that has been tough to pull off!

  3. I think this weather isn't very good for your hair.

  4. For sure. Not so bad no, but when the rainy season properly starts, it will suck. I do, however, have a great anti-frizz serum that helps out quite a bit, but I have to apply it a few times a day in the summer!