Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Afternoon Delight

     Back in the day (not really sure when "the day" actually was, but whatevs) there used to be a clear line between day and evening dress, especially for women. In recent decades, however, that line has been steadily erased, and we now wear most items whenever we feel like it. The color black, for example, used to be reserved for post-work hours, as were open-toed shoes and statement jewellery.
     One of the most recent fashion elements to cross the great divide from night to day is the use of sequins. Sequins (also known as spangles, or, if very large, paillettes) started showing up in daytime wear only a few years ago, and while it's still better to leave that sequined body-con mini dress for a cocktail lounge (or a stripper pole), a few shimmering discs of light-catching plastic can literally brighten your day.
     Yesterday I wore my first fully sequined item of clothing, a little camisole I got ages ago on sale at Forever 21. I liked the bright (but not too deep) coppery color, which reminded me of a fresh new penny, and the sheer non-sequined neckline which made it possible for me to wear my favorite sparkly necklace without looking too over-the-top glittery. Daytime sequins are not really popular in Tokyo yet, but the occasional admiring and interested glances I got from some young women makes me think that it would be warmly embraced here.

Copper sequin top (F21), white cropped cardigan and grey pencil skirt (H&M), cut-glass necklace (mayglobe Japan)

Closeup of the sequins. I wore the cardi unbuttoned at times, but it was a bit too cold for that in the office.
     It was my first time wearing a truly sequined garment, and I quite liked it. I checked out a few shops for similar items, and it seems that J. Crew is the main purveyor of daytime-friendly glimmer:

     I especially like the merino-striped sweater on the left. I recently spied it on the ever-stylish Kimmie, and boy, do I want it! It recently went on sale, too, but I still can't justify its (reduced) price of nearly $90.


  1. I love outfits I can carry from day to night... especially when I work late and go right to meeting with friends. These sequin pieces are great-- I'll have to invest in a few for busy nights like that!

  2. Why do you keep your sequins hidden away? You look so cute in this outfit.

  3. Ooo I love the little hint you get of your coppery sparkle - the perfect way to wear some shimmer in a slightly more conservative work place! I remember a few years ago when J.Crew first came out with their sequined camis, and I swooned (but couldn't afford one at the time).
    p.s. Love your blog, and I'm sorry we didn't do it sooner- but you are now on our blog roll ;) xoxoxo, Lar

  4. Thanks for commenting, ladies! Emily: yup, I agree, those day to night looks are essential for busy weekdays, Tereza: haha, don't worry, I unbuttoned the cardigan most of the time, but one meeting I had was in a freezing room, so I sacrificed sparkle for a bit more warmth, Lar: Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll, it's an honor!

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