Monday, May 9, 2011

Topshop Part Deux

     Continuing my renewed love affair with Topshop, I decided to go ahead and wear the other piece I had bought along with the billowy blouse from my last post. It was a) a cardigan b) greyish-oatmeal c) featured a peachy coral floral print. Love. And I happened to find a layering tank that was the perfect color to go with it.

Floral print cardigan and peach tank-top (Topshop), wool skirt (H&M), accessories (mayglobe Japan)     
     I really loved this outfit, the skirt was a great base for the cardigan. The only small annoyance was the fact that the cardigan's material was partially angora, which meant that little strands of wool would waft free from time to time. No big deal, but inhaling one of those threads and choking on it mid-sentence, while my eyes watered over? Not fun. But I guess we all suffer for fashion, right?


  1. We so so so suffer for fashion! You look amazing.

  2. Indeed we do! Thank you kindly!

  3. Thanks very much, Chelsea! For me Topshop always has a few pieces that I HAVE to have, though admittedly the majority of the selection is a bit too out there for me!