Friday, May 27, 2011

The Shiny Chevalier

     Shoe drama and day-one period issues aside, I had a pretty awesome day today. A very good friend of mine got some relieving and optimistic health-related news, I don't have to work tomorrow (yes, I'm blowing a sick day on a period... believe me you have to when your job demands constant... or should I say incessant... customer interaction for nearly 10 straight hours), and my awesome little bro is coming to visit Tokyo next week.
     Since we're now in the rainy season, the temperature is hovering around 20 C and the humidity is around 60 to 80%, depending on the time of day. Not really heavy knit weather, but with the clouds and the slight breeze it's not exactly warm either. So I decided to take a gamble and wear the awesome H&M silver knit sweater I got after falling in love with it on fashiontoast. It was just light enough that I wasn't too warm, but I know I probably won't have a chance to wear it again until fall/winter.

8 AM, fresh from the rain and the rush hour train. 
The sweater in all its shimmery glory.
Kind of a crappy shot, but oh well. H&M knit sweater, Zara white chemise, Zara jeans/jeggings, Ruby and Bloom flats
    The sweater was a big hit; one client (whom I've known for 3 years and who has never commented on my clothes before, said it was cool), and another said I looked like some sort of mermaid princess, which is awesome. Personally I think it's more reminiscent of a medieval knight or Joan of Arc, and as a someone with an MA in Medieval Studies, I could not not buy it. Academic justification for a consumerist action for the win!


  1. I love the knit sweater, such an interesting color.
    At first, when I saw your hair I thought you had a guest post, you look really cute :).

  2. Haha, yeah the 90% humidity wrecked havoc on my bangs. Bobby pins are fantastic little things...