Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little Drummer Girl

     This outfit was based, surprisingly enough, on the fact I wanted to wear this simple, $3 burgundy tank top I found on sale at F21. I love burgundy, but it's hard for me to find a shade of it that I truly like. It's a great tank actually, soft and fitted, and long enough to cover the crotch/fly/hips. Peeking through a lacy top and paired with dark blue jeans and a creamy gold-buttoned cardigan, this outfit kind of reminds me of a marching band member or a circus ringmaster, which I think is quite cool.

Lace top and burgundy tank by F21, cardigan by anatelier Japan, jeans/jeggings by Zara

     At work I swapped out the jeans for my old Zara khakis (which sadly have to go to the dry cleaner's for repair since one of the zipper tracks managed to escape from the zipper), and my fiancee liked the outfit so much he proclaimed it one of his all time favorites. Good taste, the boy has.
     Also, I managed to rectify the shoe drama. Out of necessity, more so than anything else, because I noticed the very last pair of sandals I had was starting to fray at the ankle-strap buckle, so I told made it my mission to find two pairs of sandals, one grey and one brown to go with everything, that would not cost more than $25 each. A budget which of course really limits my options, but I knew I could count on Old Navy.

Not the cutest or most interesting designs, but they're cheap and they'll do!
     Their size 11 is true to size, the shoes are cheap, and the quality is decent enough for them to survive one or two summers of constant wear. I wanted to have them shipped directly to Tokyo, but the tax and shipping cost was...wait for it... $76. WTF. For an order of $50? Pffft. So I sent them my lovely Mum in Cali, who never minds collecting my packages and sending them over to her bigfoot daughter over here in the land of tiny dainty women. And I took a gamble on a pair of Hunter rain boots (which I will probably be living in for the next month) that I found on Amazon Japan. Hunters are of course famous and are therefore on the expensive side (over $100), but at least in Japan I can pay for them in cash, either on delivery or by going to any convenience store and punching a code into a little kiosk. Yes, that's right, in some ways Japan is totally amazing. I think the cash-friendliness and the variety of payment options is the things I will in fact miss most about this place. I got a brown pair... which in real life is actually a greyish brown that can go with anything and is the exact same color as my favorite leather jacket, so that was a pleasant surprise. The biggest size they had was UK8/27 cm, and I'm actually a UK9, but a few minutes of research proved that the boots run at least a half-size larger, so I went for it. And they fit perfectly, are super comfy, and are tall enough on me to be knee-high. So I am a happy girl once again!

Me likey.


  1. I love the look, that tank makes the look work.

  2. Thanks Tereza! Yeah I agree, the burgundy tank just pulls it all together.

  3. I'm smitten with that gorgeous lace tank, what a beautiful piece and you look lovely in it. And layering it with the burgundy tank is such a fab idea!! xx veronika

  4. Thanks, Veronika! Yeah that lace top was a great F21 find, as was the tank!

  5. What a beautiful lace tank. It's difficult for me to find a lace tank that doesn't look like my grandmother's curtains. This is a beautiful look and the tank makes the lace stand out much more.

  6. Thanks, Kimmie! I was searching for a tank similar in color to the lace to compensate for its rather short length, but then I decided to go for a bold color to make the lace pop more. Glad I chose wisely!