Friday, June 10, 2011

One is the loneliest orange

     Everybody has one or two NG colors. NG of course being the Japanese-English abbreviation for "No Go," referring to any and everything that is deemed not possible or acceptable. Most commonly featured colors on this list are yellow, orange, red, purple, or anything neon. For me, my most hated are definitely purple (except for very pale/almost grey lavender) and orange, though I'm also getting tired of seeing ultra-brights pop up everywhere... no matter what spring fashion trends and Zara window displays tell me, I'm not traipsing around Tokyo in a bright pink mini with bright green espadrilles on my feet, thank you very much. Not saying that other boys and girls shouldn't rock it, but it's a definite NG in Tokyo, where such bold clothes always carry the stigma of Shibuya teens.
     Orange is one of those colors that I instinctively abhor and avoid despite the fact that some shades of it are actually quite flattering on someone with my coloring. Last year my eye was drawn to this simple T-shirt with shirred sleeves at a Zara sale, and I decided to take the pumpinky plunge. I have only worn it a handful of times, but I reached for it this morning on impulse.

White cardigan (Rope Picnic Japan),  orange top with brown and white dots and jeans/jeggings (Zara)

One of my favorite cardigans, super cheap and I love the draped yet fitted look.
Love the slight b*tch look on my face.
     A nice, simple yet cute outfit for an easy day of an early but short work shift, a few errands, and a couple of soothing hours with Dragon Age II. Don't really want to go to work tomorrow... shocking, I know!


  1. This is a really cute outfit, love the orange touch. I don't own a piece of orange clothing.

  2. Thanks so much, Tereza. I love this outfit too, it's very simple but there's something about it!