Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twin Teardrops

     Yesterday at work I wore one of my favorite purchases of the summer, a double-chain necklace that features two tear-drop shaped pendants of varying size. The pendants are etched with a starburst design and the base of the drops are studded with little diamond crystals. Unlike other double-chain necklaces that I own, this one doesn't shift around or get tangled up, it stays perfectly centered all day. I have the earrings from the same set, albeit in silver rather than gold. I was hoping to also find the silver version of the necklace, but so far, no luck.

Necklace by mayglobe Japan

     As a backdrop to the necklace I chose a simple white top from Zara with a laser-cut pattern along the neck line and upper chest. Paired with a white cardigan and a light beige skirt, the main focus of the outfit was definitely the necklace! Just as I had hoped.

Cardigan (H&M), cut-out blouse (Zara), beige woven skirt (Japan)

     Soon it will be too hot to wear any cardigan whatsoever...sigh.

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