Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Variations on a Theme

      This past weekend I decided to wear the same color scheme for three days straight: beige, white, and grey. The decision was mostly made on a whim, though I was kinda inspired by my steel grey nail polish:

Kinda tough to see, but I added clear rhinestone stickers on some nails (sealed with a topcoat) 

 Day 1:

Grey pencil skirt (H&M), oatmeal cardigan (anatelier Japan), white frilled undershirt (H&M)

Day 2:

Beige skirt (Zara), grey cardigan and white scalloped-bib top (H&M), accessories (mayglobe Japan)

Day 3:

Beige skirt (Zara), white lace top (F21), beaded necklace (Rope Picnic Japan), bauble rings (mayglobe Japan)

     I loved the second outfit the most, also it was probably my best hair/make-up day (which means it was probably the least humid day) so that definitely helped things out. The first outfit I felt was kinda meh, and looking at the pics I can see that the grey skirt is definitely in need of a wash and press. The last outfit I also liked, and it was the most comfortable and cooling, but it was my Friday and I was pretty much a listless exhausted zombie the whole day so I didn't appreciate the outfit as much as I should have.
      Today it's over 35 degrees C (95 F), so gross. No matter what anyone says, I will never like summer. No way, no how. The fleeting joy felt at summer BBQs or evening al fresco dinners pales against the drudgery and misery of the way more numerous work days, mosquito bites, and sweat-stained clothes!