Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cinnabar Lace, plus 5 more things

     Here in Tokyo we're now in the yo-yo weather season now, as we start to slide into fall (yes!). Still warm to hot during the day, but no longer super humid 24/7, often with a somewhat cool breeze in the air. Some days can be cool enough for long sleeves, while the next day can be pretty damn hot. So last week I could wear my heav(ier) Zara knit, but this week I had to go back to bare legs, sandals, and delicate layers. Not that I really minded, since I wanted to wear my older lace skirt, which went nicely with a sheer vermillion cardigan. 

Damn, that's bright... probably the brightest piece of clothing I own!

Love this skirt... it was super cheap, it doesn't wrinkle, and the elastic waist is a definite plus.

Cardigan and skirt by pour la frime Japan, cream undershirt by Zara

And now, another installment of 5 things that have rocked my word recently:

1. A new candle for autumn:

2. Melon cream soda (served in a pretty glass, of course): 

3. New time-sucker:

4. New tumbler (been looking for on with a lid to prevent accidental spillage, so this one from Starbucks fit the bill):

5. New H&M skirt (just a preview, I'm wearing it later this week):


  1. that lace skirt is so pretty. too bad i'd ruin before i leave the house. - ann

  2. The weather here is really hot, no sign of fall.
    I love your skirt, so beautiful.

  3. The lace skirt is so sweet :) the weather is getting a bot chilly here too , but I just can't let go of my skirts just yet :P

  4. Thanks, ladies! Yeah, the skirt's one of my favs. Luckily it's made of heavy crochet lace, so it's more durable than real lace. I love delicate lace/tulle skirts and almost bought one, but I knew it'd get damaged in no time. So I got this one instead!

  5. I love the creme/white and vermillion together – it really is the perfect summer-to-fall palette! Like everyone else, I love that skirt (and elastic waist bands- woohoo!).