Friday, September 9, 2011

Blushing Fall

     For most Japanese, the start of September equals the advent of fall, no question about it. Despite the fact that most days are still hovering around the 90F mark, stores are filled with fall motifs, seasonal fall goods (Autumn everything, from bakery pastries to coffee concoctions to beer), people once again don wool suits, and on any cloudy or not so super humid day, some people even sport jackets and scarves. When it's like over 70F. Crazy.
     But there are some truth to these delusions, I suppose. At night, the breeze has a slightly cool hint to it, unlike in the summer months, when there was no breeze at all. The days are already getting shorter, the sunlight weakening well before 5pm, and, mercifully, the sun no longer rises at the unholy time of 4:30am. The office is not so crazed anymore, as clients enter the busy year-end season at their own companies and their freer summer days seem like a distant memory (haha, good for me, sucks for them).
     So I may be a bit deluded as well, which is probably why I decided to wear a long-sleeved outfit on a still relatively hot and sunny day. Granted, I only started work at 6pm and therefore didn't even get dressed until 4. And until I reached the office I was wearing just a t-shirt and my new favorite tan Zara jeans (that are just non-denim enough that I can get away with wearing them at work), but once I had arrived and cooled down enough, on went this awesome F21 lace top:

Scalloped hems and cuffs? I'm sold.

     Pretty please, can we just skip this tropical typhoon season nonsense and have a real autumn now?


  1. Yeah, I don't think that autumn is going to come very soon.
    I love your top, so beautiful.

  2. Sigh... I just have a hard time accepting it haha. Thanks, Tereza!