Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Bright

     I love to wear white, but it's not without its risks. At any moment a brush against a stranger's dirty coat or bag on the train, a quick rest on a public bench or seat, or a sliver of food from my treacherous fork could mar its pristine beauty, perhaps forever. Also, in my job I use a lot of white board markers, the stain of which always ends up all over my hands and could easily be transferred my clothes. So while I wear white sweaters or tops without much worry, I avoid white skirts or dresses since it's much more difficult to stop myself from adjusting them with my hands.
     But I have always loved the modish, sleek look of a white sheath dress, so when I saw one at H&M recently, I decided to take the plunge. The dress is amazing, but doesn't seem to exist in cyberspace, so if you'd like to find it you'll have to head out to your nearest posh H&M (I haven't seen the dress or any other high-end pieces in the more teeny-focused branches). It's fully lined with a back zip that goes up to about the midpoint of the back and the upper collar is secured by two snaps, so it's very easy to step in and out of. It's a pure bright white, not cream, and is shot through with silver thread so it looks like it's been woven with minute clusters of diamonds. It was only about $50, but it looks like it could command a much higher price. And I'm happy to report that after a full day of work there was nary a smudge on it! Knock on wood for the next time...
Slap on some more eyeliner and Bardot-ify my hair a bit, and I'd be all set to live it up in 1960s London.
     A word of caution: this is a sheath dress, not a shift dress. The difference? A true sheath has a very unforgiving fit, especially in the waist and hips, and is usually on the shorter side. A short skirt and a tight fit means that it rides up a lot when you sit down, so unless you can spend most of your day standing or hiding behind a desk/table like I do, save it for a night out instead!
Accessories by mayglobe and Tiffany&Co.


  1. The dress is very nice.Looks very cute on you :)


  2. Honestly, I'm afraid to wear white :)) I usually get something one my perfect white stuff :)

  3. Thanks, gals! I do love the dress, but as Tereza says, there's always an element of paranoia that comes with wearing a mostly white outfit.