Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ode to Hair (and dropping some major change on it)

     Oh it's that time again...the time when you cannot postpone going to the hair salon any longer. Most of you know what I'm talking about...when those roots can no longer be concealed with clever hairstyles or deceptive headbands. Whether you color your hair, or, as in my case, perm/relax it, you are essentially a slave to your hair. You can push back or even forgo the much-needed touch-up appointments, but eventually you have an unforgiving run-in with a mirror and, with a resigned sigh, concede defeat.
     It's especially annoying in my case, since I have to contend with both a full fringe that after 2 1/2 months practically obscures my eyes AND a Japanese straight perm. A straight perm is amazing, it gives even the curliest heads of hair a sleek but not limp or dead straight look. But when it starts to noticeably grow out (usually within 2 or 3 months) it can be a major pain. I used to push it for 5 months, but I usually had to employ a ponytail and an armada of bobby pins to keep it under control. And now with the fringe and shorter bob, forget it! My bangs start to puff out annoyingly by the 2 month mark, so I usually have to trek to the salon for a 3-4 hour $200 session every other paycheck. And sadly, it is that time again.
Two weeks ago, still presentable, but now, it's time to throw in the towel.
     It's expensive, time-consuming, and temporary, but is it worth it? Many (saner) people will answer with a resounding no, but I'm one of those vain fools who would say yes. It may suck sitting in a chair for hours on end growing hungrier by the minute (though it is a nice excuse to read all of those trashy mags I could never buy in Tokyo myself...$12 for an imported US Weekly??? Don't think so) and having to endure 3 shampoos and conditioning treatments throughout the perming process can wreck havoc on your neck, but nothing beats the feeling of stepping out with a shiny and healthy head of perfectly groomed hair. So indulgent and excessive it may be, but hey, I gots to do me.
Salon Fresh
A few weeks later, with some more volume but still in decent shape


  1. I have to say it still looks really good.

  2. Thanks Tereza! But that was over two weeks's been a slippery slope since then! The recent humid warm snap we're having here isn't helping things either LOL.

  3. Oh, thanks so much potpie du monde (love that name!), and thanks for taking the time to comment!