Friday, April 1, 2011

Cranky Crochet

     Just a quick OOTD post before I get ready for the looming work weekend. I found this skirt at F21 on sale (so yeah it was about 10 dollars). But when it came time to wear it, I was a little unsure of what to pair with it. I wanted to keep the top fairly simple and not too sweet, since the skirt is plenty saccharine on its own. Then the nutmeg Traversa cardigan that I wore before caught my eye, and lo, an outfit was born. Nothing truly special, mind you, I save my favorites for the weekend when I work for 8 straight hours (and I mean work, no unscheduled breaks or time to space out looking at a monitor, unfortunately).
Frilled neckline top and crochet lace skirt (F21), Traversa cardigan (J. Crew)

     Yeah, looking at the pics I'm not so crazy about the skirt, it hangs rather weirdly (definitely not as it looks on the model) and while the crochet detail and the hem is quite pretty the overall look is a bit...naff. Ah, well. $10 loss, not the worst by any means! Let's see if I can redeem myself tomorrow...