Friday, June 3, 2011

Rainy Day Woman

     Sorry I've been MIA this week! My little bro and his best friend decided on a whim to come to Tokyo for a few days so I've been busy squiring them around the rainy, humid city, a situation which required casual clothes and limited chances to take outfit photos. I did manage to capture what I wore yesterday, featuring my new Hunter rain boots. Love those things, even my sartorially-disinterested brother admired them.
Floral tank (F21), thin black turtleneck (H&M), jeans/jeggings (Zara), rain boots (Hunter)
Close-up of the floral pattern (pearl bracelet by anemone Japan)
     I also love this F21 tank, with the gorgeous black and white floral print. It's a very un-F21 in my opinion, and I love how the flowers look like botanical sketches you'd find in an academic text rather than girly, soft blossoms. The fit is also very flattering, it doesn't sag or billow out, probably because it is secured and stabilized in the back by a heavy zipper.
     Anyways, tomorrow it's back to work I go (noooooooo) but I'm a wee bit excited about it because I just washed and ironed one of my favorite summer skirts from last year and I have a gorgeous new Zara blouse to debut. Stay tuned!

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