Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to the Norm

     With the little bro back in his own hood, it was back to work and work clothes for me this weekend. Unfortunately summer has suddenly and violently come upon Tokyo, so both I and my clothes were a little wilted.

Beige woven skirt (Japan), ruffled cardigan (pour la frime Japan),  sheer pleated top (Zara)
     The skirt, a former summer staple, unfortunately has to be retired this year. It's a little on the worn side, and it seems to wrinkle and bulge more than I remember. I've been looking for a sleek beige pencil for months already, but both H&M and Zara have been consistent let-downs in that department. Oh well, maybe next paycheck!

     I do love this Zara blouse, though. It's a pale, soft pink/blush with tucked pleats down the center and a  drawstring neck that ties in the back. I just wish the bow fabric was heavier and plusher, so it could be tied in a full bow. The sheer skinny ribbon just hangs limply (I tried to take a photo of it, but it's so unimpressive I just gave up)... in fact maybe I should see if I can replace it somehow...

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